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Our test automation services aims to reduce or eliminate repetitive manual testing tasks to increase the overall efficiency. Our Selenium based automation testing framework for web applications and SeeTest based framework for mobile applications help clients get up to speed with their automation efforts quickly. The generated tests are also easily maintainable and can survive changes to the application. In the longer run, this helps in cutting the overall cost of QA.


With automated testing services, we help our clients in automating web applications testing using Open Source Selenium tool. We help in designing customised Selenium frameworks while developing regression and smoke test suite for independent testing projects for our customers.


Using Protractor JS, our software test automation services help customers to automate testing of their web applications. With our experience in Protractor, 'easy-to-read' test cases for any Angular based application are created quickly.


We create custom test automation frameworks for Appium to automate testing of iOS and Android applications. Cost advantage of open source tool and supported feature set, works best to automate small to medium complex applications.


With our expertise in SeeTest we help clients automate fortnightly releases with test coverage over 40+ devices.

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