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As one of Beyondsoft's primary services, ODC (Offshore Development Centers) provides companies access to highly-qualified teams, state-of-the-art know-how, and various centers of excellence. Our ODC teams focus and familiarize themselves with a single client to ensure continually improving quality and productivity.

Beyondsoft offers the following two ODC models for either consolidated operation management or quick initiative:

The key components of Beyondsoft’s ODC are its world-class infrastructure and robust security protection. To respect our clients' IPR and to ensure the highest security level, our ODCs are set up and operated in strict compliance with global security and protection standards, as well as the clients' internal policies regulating personnel, data, infrastructure, facility, and intellectual property handling.

Beyondsoft has more than a decade’s worth of experience in providing global clients with premium offshore development centers. We have honed our technical and functional skills and developed special tools and methodologies for managing custom D projects in distributed environments. By leveraging our expertise and talent, your business can enjoy a completely stable and flexibly scalable ODC

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