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Most fundamentally, when you look at a webpage in a Web browser, you see words. But most of the time webpages contain styled text rather than plain text. Nowadays, webpage designers have access to hundreds of different fonts, font sizes, colors, and even alphabets (e.g. Spanish, Japanese, Russian), and browsers can for the most part display them accurately. Webpages may also contain images, video clips, and background music. They may include drop-down menus, search boxes, or links you can follow to access other pages (whether on the same site or another site). Some websites even let visitors customize the page display to accommodate their preferences and challenges (e.g., sight challenges, deafness, or color blindness). Often a page contains content boxes that move (scroll) while the rest of the page remains static.

A typical webpage depends on several technologies (such as CSS, JavaScript, Flash, AJAX, JSON) to control what the end-user sees, but most fundamentally, developers write webpages in HTML, without which there can be no webpages. To display the page on the client-side device, a browser starts out by reading the HTML

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and the WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) maintains the HTML international standards and specifications. The WHATWG treats HTML as a constantly evolving "living standard", whereas the W3C works both on HTML evolution (HTML 5.1) and on "snapshots" of HTML (of which the most recent is HTML5).

The HTML specification defines a single language that can be written either with the relaxed HTML syntax or the stricter XML syntax (Extensible Markup Language). HTML also addresses the needs of Web apps. HTML only describes the meaning of the content, not style and formatting. To define appearance and layout, please use CSS, not explicit presentational HTML.

This article provides an introduction to HTML. If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in your web browser, this article is the place to start learning.

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